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07/10/2006 - You see in some ways it's a good job that I'm not very good at makng huget updates regularly... because data loss sucks! My backups should be better... ah well.

15/09/2006 - Many changes indeed. I've now joined Red Hat full time, so for anyone who knows me... might be time to switch to another distro, slackware maybe ;o)

21/06/2004 - Well, to missquote a very good film indeed (Grosse Point Blank) "Wow, I'm not dead!"

All in life is good... yup, everything is going well and the only item I'm now missing is a huge lottery win (but I might need to start doing the lottery first).

Infact the only other thing that appears to be lacking is the frequency of updates to this website... so I'm going to try (again) to make a bit of an effort.

24/01/2004 - As promised, new content ahoy! Well to be more accurate, finished something off I should have done ages ago ;o)

So I've now completed the Mazda MX-6 gallery for now. Check it out here.

23/01/2004 - Three words... Christmas, New Year. ;o) Ace. Had a really good time over the break, and am pretty much back into the swing of things now. New content this weekend, as I'm having a quiet one.

30/11/2003 - More updates, it's getting to be almost regular! This time it's largely linux information for systems monitoring software BigSister. Check it out here.

23/11/2003 - Following a rather nasty car accident some time ago, I've dedicated some time to the Cars section of my site, drop in and see what I have to say about them... specifically one car, the Mazda MX-6. Happy reading.

21/11/2003 - Well with changes in the Linux world abound, there's plenty to keep me busy at work. With Suse being bought out by Novell (and some IBM in the background) and Redhat making radical changes to it's consumer o/s.

If you're one of the new Fedora users then check out my Linux section.

23/10/2003 - Oh my god... what a barren ocean of inactivity! Finaly some updates for anyone watching.

Check out the new videos in the comedy section.

28/04/2003 - hehe, well just as well I didn't promise anything eh! Going to be a few updates in the next week or so as I'm working on the comedy section at the moment...

I was inspired after going to see Harry Hill live a few weeks ago (thankfully his live show is much better than his TV show) anyway, more as it happens.

01/02/2003 - Well, now just look at that, I said I was going to update this site more regularly... and what did I do? Yup, NOTHING!

On the bright side, I'm going to try really, REALLY hard this time. So, no promises, but lets just see how it goes!

I've updated some of the computer specs, especially considering since the last update they've changed quite considerably. I've also corrected a few of the links that had been pointed out to me before, well rejoice because all things should now point where intended!

Well, that's it for now, wouldn't want to wear myself out immediately! If there is anyone reading this, drop me a line and let me know ;o)

19/09/2002 - EEEEEKKK!!! Well since the last update I've moved jobs, moved house and... erm... well... thats it, but it's quite a lot!.

I've performed various upgrades on the PC's under my ownership, check out the spec's to see if you can see the changes ;o) I promise that after this long out, I'll keep up with the regular updates from now on... honest... really... no, I will!

I've fixed a few style bugs and linking errors but remember, if you spot anything you can use the contact form to let me know. Gowan, you know you want to.

I've also fixed the link under the Comedy section... check out monty pythons finest as you've never seen them before..

23/01/2002 - More linux updates, adding some additional font hints for those of you still stuck with ugly fonts with linux web browsing.

16/01/2002 - Well the CSS bugs, just turned out to be me being a dope! DOH! Tiny error in my style sheet was messing things up, but it's all fixed now.

Well, still haven't got round to re-casing Librarian, but have re-cased Rincewind in a rather nice "iMac" style case, quite nice for a change, and my girlfriend seems to like her "new" machine.

08/01/2002 - Ooh The first news post of 2002! Hope you all had a good Xmas and New Year, I know I did :oD

More content is on the way, just as soon as I've squashed a few CSS bugs. /me wonders off wielding the #4 BugHammer.

24/12/2001 - A large delivery of Aluminium cases today, 2 full tower Lian-Li PC-70's and one PC-60. Unfortunately only one of the PC-70's was for me :o(. So the plan now is to re-case Librarian in the PC-60... and then the PC-70 is ready for my new "Monster Machine". A nice Enermax 450W PSU is ready too :o)

30/11/2001 - Major anouncement, the Contact section is done. So now you can tell me what you think of the site, suggest improvments, send me messages, or even just stare in awe at the sheer beauty of the form (actually it's not that beautiful). What are you waiting for? GO TO IT!

28/11/2001 - A tweak here, a tweak there, mostly un-noticable by anyone but me :o). I have however updated the About section.

25/11/2001 - First of all, thanks to all those who have taken a look and complimented me on the site.

I've begun the ardous task of harvesting my bookmarks, and have a few gems for you here on the Comedy section.

22/11/2001 - Final tweaks now. I gave the url to someone to check out, and they've made a few suggestions (cheers Dwarfer). I'll not going to implement everything right now, but I'll be working on it.

20/11/2001 - Just about to upload all the bugfixes last night, when my isp died. It went down like death at a birthday party.

So I'll get that lot uploaded today and finaly the site will be live!

19/11/2001 - Well, perhaps "release" was a bit of a grand term. After noticing more bugs than a termite mound, I'm frantically stomping on tiny cockups that I'm sure someone else inserted into my pristine code ;o)

18/11/2001 - This is the first release. After about 6 years of planning, stops and starts and general messing about, this whole web has been knocked up in a few months, just shows what a bit of hard work can produce in your spare time (which I don't have much of).


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