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My little introduction


Installing Linux.


Networking your box.


Locking your box down.


Configuration tweaks.


A few invaluable utilities.


My pickings of the available software.


Linux links, bookmark them now.


There are many little utilities available for linux to do little jobs, some of them are pointed out below.

Screen full of garbage

You accidently push a binary file through the "more" command and all of a sudden the terminal is full of rubbish, To reset the terminal type the following command:

echo -e \\033c

Or put the following into an executable file in your path called binclean


echo -e \\033c

and run it using the command binclean to return your terminal to a usable state.

Extra keyboard keys

More and more of the keyboards are coming along with little extra buttons with icons like "e-mail" and "search" on them. But I bet you're wondering how to access them under linux?

What you need is a little program called Hotkeys. This will allow you to access those extra keys and configure them to whatever you want.

Another usefull document is Special-Keys. For even wierder keyboards (Sun etc).

The next Samba Step

OK, so you've got samba configured and working (if not... try looking here), you can share files over your network, but you miss network neighbourhood?. There are several Gnome/KDE replacements, but a general consensus is that the best on is LinNeighbourhood. Seems to work on even the most complex networks without any problems.

It all goes horribly wrong..

Accidents happen, and whoops you've managed to toast your install. There are a number of recovery solutions available to you.

First up is a floppy based distro tomsrtbt also known as "The most GNU/Linux on 1 floppy disk".

Secondly, and a personal favourite is the Redhat "business card" rescue CD Sysadmin Survival CD this ISO image is scaled to fit on those cool "business card" cd's.


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