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I love comedy, from surreal Monty Python to cult Bill Hicks so much of it makes me laugh.

Everyone likes to laugh, and if they don't... well they damn well should ;o). My particular comedy faves certainly lean towards the wierd, sick, and black part of the comedy spectrum, although who can resisit a good fart joke?

So then, the biggie, Top 10 Comedy Icons. It's taken me a while to get this right, and people have traded places more often than I'd have thought, the only real constant is Bill Hicks in the number 1 spot. Anyway without further ado, here you go!

1 - Bill Hicks

The guy was a comedy god. He certainly reached cult status, but his premature departure from this earth stopped him achiving the real greatness that he so rightly deserved.

2 - Dennis Leary

I know what you may be thinking, you see a pattern emerging here? Yes my second fave comedy icon is another american shock comedian. Some of his most popular rants include smoking, drugs (of course) and red meat.

3 - Monty Python

Well the British sense of humour makes it in at the number 3 slot. The outstanding group of comedians that made Monty Python are Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin. Hugely irreverant, and way ahead of it's time, still hugely popular and as funny today as it was back then.

4 - The Internet

Well I did say this wasn't going to be your normal top 10! Yes "The Internet" at 4th place. Not funny in itself, afterall, there's nothing particularly amusing about the largest network of networks, however the Internet has made it possible to distribute almost any idea you like to such a huge world wide audience that it's comedic use is huge.

5 - Friends

No not that cheesy american sit-com that's been running for far too long and ceased to be funny after the first series... but MY friends. Definately very funny people (some would say they have to be to put up with me) in all senses of the word.

6 - hmmmmmmmm

Top Secret, to be announced later..

7 - Lee Evans


8 - Becker

Becker, a stunningly funny comedy series, that makes you wonder how most americans get the sarcastic levels of humour. Unfortunately with the latest series currently showning on the Paramount Comedy channel... the actress who played Reggie, Terry Farrell has changed to Nancy Travisl ... the series just isn't the same now. Shame.

9 - Rev Tim McIntyre


10 - American Pie


Comedy Animations

The best ever version of the song I Will Survive.

The Camalot scene from Monty Python's - Quest for the Holy Grail like you've never seen it before.

Gollum's acceptance speach at the 2003 MTV music awards for "Best Virtual Performance". Classic "beeped" out swearing.

An advert that definately has "techie appeal"


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