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The best first person shooter ever #1.


Team Fortress Classic.


Cable Internet Clan.


The best first person shooter ever #2.



My other "best first person shooter game ever". I really can't decide which one is better.

Unreal starts with you as a somewhat dazed and confused convict, on a prison ship that has just crashed on an alien world.

Again, another stunning game, for many of the same reasons as Half-Life.


Fantastic graphics, there are points where you round a corner, and are just struck by the beauty of the scene. The alien scenery is truly breathtaking, the sky textures are particularly spectacular. One major difference between Unreal, and Half-Life, is the fact that Unreal renders massive landscapes. You can reach a high point on the hills, or a tower in the external levels, and just stare in awe at the land that stretches away beneath you.

The character animations are also very good. Groups of a certain type of alien can be observed gambling, at least until you bust in with the automag :o)


Again, the map and level design keeps you completely absorbed in the Unreal world. This is another game that will give you days and days of continuous top quality gameplay.

Artificial Inteligence.

The AI in Unreal is not quite as good as that of Half-Life, but its still VERY good. Enemies will track noise, even from a distance and hunt you down.


You start off knowing very little about your surroundings, but you learn more from "diary" scraps that crew members of the downed prison ship have left behind (usually next to their dead bodies). You also discover the friendly and peacefull inhabitants, the Nali, and learn about their struggle.


Easily the best "out of earth" FPS game, but it would be difficult to choose a clear winner between Half-Life and Unreal for the crown of FPS games.. However, the final advice is clear cut. Buy it, Play it, you won't regret it.

One interesting point is that there's now an even better reason to go out and buy Unreal. There is a box set called "Totaly Unreal" available for about 20 that contains Unreal, the Unreal expansion pack, and Unreal Tournament! What are you waiting for? BUY IT NOW.


I've included a few of my favourite Unreal links for your pleasure (bookmarks will be harvested at the weekend for more unreal gems):



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