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The best first person shooter ever.


Team Fortress Classic.


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The best first person shooter ever #2.


Team Fortress Classic.

This is THE modification for Half-Life.

Back in 1998 the single player game Half-Life was released and it took many gamers by storm. The game's immersive plot and impressive AI really shook the world of first person shooter (fps) games.

Soon afterwards, the developers (Valve) released a free on-line only team play modification to Half-Life, called Team Fortress.

The object of this game is 2 fold, the first objective is to penetrate the enemy base, steal their flag, and return it to your base. The second objective is to stop the enemy doing the same to you :o)

This is the team game to end all team games, with some people defending your base, and others attacking the enemy base it's gaming at its very best.

There are no computer controlled players, everyone on the server is a human being, and that can make for some very interesting games. I've never seen AI as clever, devious and downright evil as some on-line players.

Because this is a team game, it really doesn't work when there are just a load of individuals randomly running about and shooting each other on a map, but, when there's real teamwork and communication going on, the results are amazing.

Like many on-line games, you can play the game at two levels, on public servers, or as part of a clan.

Gaming on public servers is somewhat hit and miss, if there's a nice bunch of people there, then it'll be a blast and you'll love it, if there's just one or two idiots there, it can spoil the whole game. The important thing is to just move on and try and find a good server, or find an admin for the server who can kick the muppets ;o)

I really enjoy TFC, so much that I used to be a voulantry admin for Blueyonders TFC servers, and clan leader of [CiC]. Sadly lack of spare time has ment I've had to step down, I do however sneak the odd game every now and again.

If you've never played Half-Life, then you haven't lived, but once you've completed that... you've just got to try TFC.


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