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The best first person shooter ever.


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The best first person shooter ever #2.



This was declared to be game of the year by many magazines and websites during 1999, even though it was released in 1998. Such was the power and allure of this truly fantastic game.

Half-Life puts you in the shoes of Gordon Freeman, a new guy at the Black Mesa research facility. Your day starts off taking an internal mono-rail to the lab, where you participate in an experiment that goes horribly wrong.

There are several things that seperate Half-Life from the run of the mill first person shooter.


Although not as breathtaking as they once were, still very impressive, and even more so since valve released a hi-res textures and models pack.


Simply stunning map/level design, the variety and depth to the game really does keep you completely immersed. There are puzzles, tasks, hidden features, and so much more. This is a game that, when played from start to finish, really does give you days and days of continuous gameplay. All of it absolutely top class.

Artificial Inteligence.

The AI of the computer controlled opponents is also a marvel of valve's coding. The enemy will retreat, regroup, sneak up behind you and generally behave just as craftily as real opponents.


There are so many moments in the game that just make you go "WOW". The storyline has twists, and turns, the plot thickens, and you never want it to end. Everyone who play's Half-Life remembers certain events in the game that just blew them away.


Now, many have one or more of the elements that I've described above. But I've only come across one game EVER that has matched Half-Life and has all of them. Buy it, Play it, you won't regret it.


I've included a few of my favourite Half-Life links for your pleasure (more to come when I scrape out my bookmarks) :



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