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[CiC] Cable Internet Clan.

If you want to meet a bunch of great, funny and slightly unbalanced people, have a laugh and maybe even play a bit of TFC, then CiC is the clan to be in.

You can browse our official website here.

I've been a member since November 2000, I spent some time as a grunt on offence, then became leader of offence (much to my surprise) and now I'm head of the clan. As an individual player I'm not actually that good (my conc jumping is so poor its a running joke), but as part of a team, I can really kick ass.

There is one thing that makes a team really shine in TFC, and thats communication. This is my real forte. We use voice communications to co-ordinate attacks and change strategies but also to relay information on enemy positions and strengths.

I've been in a few clans, most of which no-one has ever heard of (TuX, Boing and AoD) but CiC is the one that I consider my home.

We're currently only in the UKTFCL league and because we joined a few weeks late we're in division 5 (whoops) but we're having fun, and thats what counts the most.

By the way, if you're at all confused about what all this "clan stuff" is about, check out this article.


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